ServiceDesk Plus Help

Santa Clara University faculty, staff and students are now able to enter in their own support requests for Information Technology assistance. This system is fairly easy to use and is available outside of normal Information Technology business hours.

Have you already read these instructions and want to go straight to the Support Request system?  Then, click here.

These simple instructions will show you how to enter in your own support requests.

Accessing the System

To access the support request system, visit and login with your SCU Network credential (Novell) user name and password.

Please note that the support request system is now available from on-campus and off-campus computers (without needing VPN).

Verifying Your Information

You can view the contact information we have for you by clicking on the My Details. If any information is incorrect, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at x5700 and we will change it for you.

Submitting a Support Request

To create a new support request, click on the Requests tab. Click on the New Issue (under the Santa Clara University logo) button or the New Request (where your list of requests is located) to open a new support request. Both buttons will allow you to open your own support request.

Fill out the fields as appropriate. Note that you cannot change your contact information in this form. You can use the Alternate Contact field for a cell number, alternate email address, or name of someone else in your department who can provide access to your work space for service. For Category, choose the most appropriate category for your issue.

List of Call Categories

If you are not sure, use "Other". For Description, please be as specific as possible. For software issues, include the name of the software and the version too. For hardware issues with computers, printers or phones, be sure to include the device's model number. If you're getting an error message, be sure to copy down the error message.

The "Asset" field is currently not being used and should remain empty.

Note: Fields with a red asterisk are required fields.

Click Add request to save your support request.

After you save your call ticket by clicking on Add request, your call ticket will be assigned to the IT Help Desk. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email to your SCU email address with your call ticket number and issue summary.

Reviewing Your Support Requests

You can view your open support requests by clicking the Requests tab, then click on the appropriate request in the list to see the details.

Viewing the Knowledgebase

To view or search our knowledgebase, click on the Solutions tab.